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  • 3272 Motor Av. Suite J, Los Angeles, CA
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Project Based Learning:

Do you want to learn how to make an alarm system, design a video game and CAD/3-D print a project in just 6 weeks? Introducing the latest STEAM Bot Workshop projects! We are offering 3 exciting new projects for easy online learning starting the week of May 11th. Just contact us!

Asteroid Shooter Game Design Using Unity:

Design your own Asteroid Shooter like a pro with Unity! Students will learn the basics of 3d game creation, including use of models, coordinates in 3 dimensions and scripting. Scripting will be done in the C# programming language. Make games that can be played on Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX.

Alarm System with Arduino:

Physical computing means building and programming computer systems that can sense and interact with the world around us.  Alarm system is one of the practical applications.  From telling drivers when they need to put more air in their tires, to actually building cars on automated assembly lines. In this Arduino Class, we are going to learn: Electric Circuits, Micro-controllers, Computer Architecture, Inputs and Outputs, Binary Numbers, Computer Languages and more. Students need to buy their own elegoo arduino super starter kit from amazon ($39.99) 2nd day delivery.

CAD/3-D Printing Project:

The CAD/3-D Printing project is designed to introduce 2D & 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Introduction to 3D Printing, Geometry concepts, and Critical Thinking skills. We will be using Autodesk Fusion 360, it can connect the entire product development process into a single CAD / CAM / CAE cloud-based platform. The students can go from design concept to making products more quickly and efficiently. We will also be spending time teaching engineering fundamentals. The CAD program can be used on both PC and Mac, with Android and Apple apps for anytime, anywhere access.This class consists of Daily exercises, 1 team design projects, and an individual 3D Printing project that they will be able to keep after the 6-week session.

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